Frequently Asked Questions

A website is a collection of web pages under a single domain name. A webpage usually contains text contents and it may also contain multimedia contents like images, video, and audio.

Assuming you created a website, you need two things to make it available to everyone on the internet. They are the domain name and web hosting.

A domain name is an address through which a user can access your website. A Web hosting is a service which hosts all your website data like web pages, images, videos, and so on.

At eWallHost, we accept the following payment options.

  • We use ccAvenue for processing payments via debit cards and credit cards (only in India).
  • International users can make payment using PayPal.
  • We also accept Bank Transfer and Skrill transfer. This option will take extra time for verification.
  • International users can also use BitCoin for payment.

We take great care to protect our customers’ personal details. All data transfer between your browser and our server are encrypted. We use enterprises grade security on the server where your personal details are stored.

For more details regarding products and services we offer, feel free to call us on +91 44 4865 4323 or email to [email protected]

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