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  • Sync Emails in Mobile App
  • Relaxed Email Management
  • Connect Clients with Secured Email
  • Implicit Use of the Email Storage

Select The Number Of E-mail Accounts You Need


1 Month - $ 0.80/mo per ID
3 Month - $ 0.80/mo Per ID
6 Month - $ 0.80/mo Per ID SUPER VALUE
12 Month - $ 0.75/mo Per ID BEST VALUE


Total: $


1 Month - $ 2.19/mo per ID
3 Month - $ 2.20/mo Per ID
6 Month - $ 2.20/mo Per ID SUPER VALUE
12 Month - $ 2.19/mo Per ID BEST VALUE


Total: $

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Email Platform
5 GB
Google Drive
Disk Space
5 GB
25 GB
30 GB
POP & IMAP Access
Branded SSL Certificates
TLS Support
Mobile App
Cloudmark Email Protection
Google’s proprietary
Instant Messaging / Chat
powered by Flock
powered by Flock
Google Hangouts
Document Editing
Google Docs
Google Spreadsheet
Collaboration (Real-time editing)
Custom Themes
Custom Logos

Main Features

Abundant storage

Abundant Storage

5GB Space for all new business email accounts which built around State-of-the-art storage devices with 99.99% uptime. Our storage architecture ensures that your data is always safe and always available.

Mobile Support

Prepared to configure email accounts on device's default app on Symbian, iPhone, Android or Windows. Give them the exclusive access their collaborative business mailbox on the go.

Collaboration tools


Intuitive Shared Calendaring, Address Book, Files and Tasks only means one thing - you get more done. Easier, better & faster! It's the perfect way for your customers to collaborate their business on the web.

Social Union

For customers and professional users who rely on email and use social media: The social capacities in our Business Email Suite enables them to interact with their private and professional contacts via one platform.

Social Integration

About Business Email About Business Email

Looking for a professional business email? Would you like to give your business a professional makeover? We are here to help you with the best solution out there that will meet all your requirements. Our pro email hosting will help you in creating an identity for your business online. Whenever you send an email to someone it will contain your domain name in it.

It is high time to turn your business into an established online force and we are always here to help you to meet your business’s requirements. Everything is started via a domain name search; hence kindly pick your domain name and then it is a few clicks before you obtain your Business Email account.

Why Get a Business Email Why Get a Business Email?

Don’t know the importance of a professional e-mail address for your business? Well, there are lots of benefits in using a professional email and they are:

  • Build up your business credibility
  • Have ultimate communication
  • Professional look
  • Build up trust
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Get data security and have quick backup and privacy protection

Having a business email address, for instance, [email protected] not only sounds more professional, but it easily adds more credibility to your business. Using the same for business communications will let your customers know that you are serious about your business because your business e-mail reflects your professionalism.

To get a perfect identity and recognition for business in Internet, getting Business Emails is the best idea to go with. It is far better than other free e-mail services. Because whenever you send an email from a free email service to your clients, chances are high for the email to make it into the spam box.

So, in order to increase your business identity, use our business email Accounts which will help you to create good impression among your clients. Obviously, your clients will perceive you as what you appear to them and pro interaction will give a great edge and dealing with your clients will be better.

We offer the best solutions to create professional email accounts which will help you satisfy your clients. With our professional e-mail accounts, any type of account name can be formed which will give flexibility when trying to gain immense customer trust. Remember trust is the basement of any successful business.

What Type of Email IDs Can I Create What Type of Email IDs Can I Create?

You can create all sorts of email accounts. Here are some examples: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and so on. Creating different e-mail addresses for sales, billing, support, jobs, and other sorts of account will help you identify your business as diversified and big organization.

Are My Emails Safe Are My Emails Safe?

We ensure to offer great security to protect you data. And, with us you don’t need to worry about your confidential emails getting hacked or leaked. The free e-mail service users face continuous hacking and malware attacks along with spamming.

But, with our professional e-mail address, you can expect to get many security features that will protect your accounts from hacking, spamming and malware attacks. You will get facilities like adding email accounts, changing password, and deleting an email account without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email hosting is specifically meant for business emails for corporate domains and allows you to send only official emails, unlike marketing emails.