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Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With an SSL Certificate

Keep your website secure and gain the trust of your visitors with industry-standard SSL Certificates. Our high-grade encryption ensures that all data transmitted between your website and your users remains safe.


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Why Choose Paid SSL Certificates Over Free Ones?

free-dns EV and OV Options

Paid SSL certificates provide options for Extended Validation (EV) and Organization Validation (OV) certificates, which display the organization's name in the browser's address bar. This not only enhances trust but also helps organizations establish their brand identity and credibility.

Warranty and Liability Warranty and Liability Coverage

Paid SSL certificates come with warranty coverage, offering financial protection in case of mis-issuance or security breaches related to the certificate. This provides an additional layer of assurance for website owners.

Customer Support Comprehensive Customer Support

When you purchase a paid SSL certificate from eWallHost, you gain access to dedicated customer support from us and the certificate authority. This support can be valuable in case of technical issues, installation assistance, or troubleshooting.

Wide Range Wide Range of Certificate Options

Paid SSL providers offer a wide range of certificate options to cater to diverse needs. This includes wildcard certificates to secure multiple subdomains with a single certificate, multi-domain certificates for securing multiple domains, and certificates specifically designed for e-commerce sites, ensuring appropriate coverage and flexibility.

Higher Level Higher Level of Assurance

While free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt and similar providers offer encryption and basic validation, paid SSL certificates from providers like Commodo often provide a higher level of assurance.

Additional Features Additional Features and Services

Paid SSL certificates often come with additional features and services, such as vulnerability scanning, malware detection, and site seals that can enhance the security and reputation of your website. These added benefits contribute to a more comprehensive security solution.

Compatibility Compatibility with Older Devices

Paid SSL certificates offer broader compatibility and support for older devices, operating systems, and browsers. This ensures that your website remains accessible and secure for a wider range of visitors.

Brand Reputation Brand Reputation

Using a paid SSL certificate from a reputable certificate authority like Commodo can enhance your brand reputation and credibility. Visitors recognize and trust well-known certificate authorities, which can positively impact their perception of your website's security and reliability.

Security and Search Ranking

Boost Your Website's Security and Search Ranking

Don't let your website's security hold you back. Secure it with Commodo’s industry-standard SSL Certificates to not only protect your data but also boost your search ranking. Give your visitors peace of mind while improving your online visibility. Rest easy knowing that your website is safeguarded with military-grade SHA2 & ECC encryption.

Secure All Your Subdomains With One Certificate

Don't waste time and money on separate certificates for each of your subdomains. With a WildCard SSL Certificate from eWallHost, you can secure your main domain and all subdomains with just one certificate. Keep your website and customer data safe with industry-standard encryption.

One Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions: SSL Certificate

Q: What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and enables secure encrypted communication between the website and its visitors. It ensures that data transmitted between the browser and the server remains private and protected from unauthorized access.

What types of SSL Certificates does eWallHost offer?

eWallHost offers the following types of SSL Certificates:

  • Positive SSL: Provides basic encryption and verifies the domain ownership.
  • Comodo SSL: higher encryption strength and includes domain validation.
  • Wildcard SSL: Secures a main domain and its subdomains with a single certificate.
  • Comodo EV SSL: Provides Extended Validation (EV) and displays a green address bar, indicating the highest level of trust and security.

What is the difference between domain validation and extended validation SSL certificates?

Domain validation (DV) certificates verify the ownership of the domain, while extended validation (EV) certificates undergo a more rigorous validation process that includes verifying the legal identity of the entity behind the website. EV certificates provide the highest level of trust and security, as indicated by the green address bar in the browser.

Can I use an SSL Certificate on multiple websites?

SSL Certificates are typically issued for a specific domain or a main domain with its subdomains, depending on the type of certificate. If you have multiple websites or subdomains, you may need separate SSL Certificates for each.

Do SSL Certificates from eWallHost support all browsers?

Yes, SSL Certificates provided by eWallHost are compatible with all major web browsers, ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience for your website visitors.

How long does it take to issue an SSL Certificate?

The issuance time for an SSL Certificate depends on the type of certificate and the validation process. Domain validation certificates are usually issued within minutes to a few hours, while extended validation certificates may take a couple of days due to the more thorough verification process.

Will an SSL Certificate improve my website's search engine ranking?

Yes, SSL Certificates are considered a ranking factor by search engines like Google. Websites with SSL encryption tend to receive a slight boost in search engine rankings, indicating a preference for secure and trustworthy websites.

Can I renew my SSL Certificate before it expires?

Yes, you can renew your SSL Certificate before it expires to ensure uninterrupted security for your website. It is recommended to renew the certificate a few weeks before the expiration date to allow sufficient time