How to restore a domain name in Redemption grace period?

   Domain names that are in the 30-day Redemption Grace Period can be redeemed (or renewed) before the end of the Grace Period.

   The expired domain will be available for renewal during the grace period you can renew the domain without paying
any additional fee.

  If the domain is not renewed in the renewal grace period, it will be awaiting for deletion at the end of the renewal grace period.

   Once the domain name is deleted it would enter into the Redemption grace period. You can recover and restore the domain during the Redemption period. However, the additional fee will be applied, for domain restoration.

   If you fail to restore the domain in the redemption period then it would be moved to the pending delete period for 5 days. In this condition, the domain name cannot be restored during the pending delete period. After this period, the domain name would be available for fresh registration.


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