What are Advanced section cPanel tool?

In the Advanced section, there are several tools the functionality of which will be described in the following lines.

Apache Handlers - Through this tool, you can define how the different file types will be processed by Apache.

Image Manager - this tool can be used to manage images under your account. You can resize them, change their file types or just view them.

Index Manager - through this tool you can change the way a directory will appear on the web. You can select a default style, no indexes, or two types of indexing. If you do not wish for people to be able to see the files in your directory, choose no indexing.

Error Pages - using it you can create custom error pages. For example, a page is missing, the 404 error will be returned to the browser. You can modify the default 404 error page according to your personal preference. You should pick the domain name for which you want to change the default error pages.

Cron Jobs - allow you to run a certain command at times set by the job.

MIME Types - Through this tool, you can define how the different file extensions will be handled by the web browsers.

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