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In this tutorial, we will show you detailed information about the different types of statistics SiteGround provides for your account and domain names. In case you're troubleshooting an issue with your site or you simply want to analyze it to see the most popular parts, browsing your cPanel stats is the first thing to do.

Basic Statistics:

On the left cPanel menu, there is a Statistics section. There you can monitor the resource usage of your account.

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The items are as follows:
  • Main Domain - your primary domain name is listed.
  • Disk Space Usage- shows the disk space usage of your account in MB.
  • Inode Usage - the total number of files and folders in your account.
  • Monthly Transfer- shows the consumed monthly bandwidth by your account. It is a sum of the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Email Accounts- the number of email accounts you have created.
  • Subdomains- shows the number of created subdomains.
  • Parked Domains- shows the number of parked domains under your account.
  • Addon Domains- shows the number of addon domains attached to addon slots under your account.
  • FTP Accounts-shows the number of FTP accounts under your account.
  • All SQL Databases shows the number of MySQL Databases created under your account. 

To see even more stats about your account, click the expand stats button. On the expanded space you will see:

  • CPU Time Usage- the amount of CPU time in seconds your scripts consume
  • Account Executions- the number of scripts executed per certain period of time

Detailed Statistics:

To access the detailed statistics for your account and domain name, you can either click on the green Detailed Stats button in the left column or through the SiteGround Account Stats icon in the Visitor Stats section.

Once you go to the Detailed Stats page, you will see multiple stats for your account and domain names separated into two different tabs.

Account Executions and Scripts:

In this tab, you will see information about the most commonly executed scripts in your entire account. The graphic can show the Script Executions and the CPU Usage graphs. You can switch between daily and weekly mode too in order to find out when your account is accessed the most.

It will allow you to quickly find out which scripts your site is executing the most and if you have some sort of a performance issue, to pinpoint the exact script that's causing it.

Domain Hits Stats:

In this tab, you can see detailed stats for each one of the domain names you have associated with your account.

First, you will see top 10 IP addresses that have accessed your site. This information is usually used to detect DOS or Brute Force attacks against your domain name.

Next, you can see the most popular URLs for this domain name. That's another useful stat that can both show you the most popular pages or potential problems.

Finally, the User Agent table will show you the different browsers or robots that have accessed this domain name. It's extremely useful to detect spam bots for example.

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