How long does it take to transfer a domain to

The request to initiate the transfer is submitted instantly to the registry in case:

  • did receive at least 1 (one) transfer confirmation email, and
  • did not receive an objection (of admin or owner contact)

When the losing registrar has been notified about the transfer by the registry, the it may last additional 3-5 days for the losing registrar to react and process the transfer. This of course is not within the scope of

In summary, after a maximum of up to 6 days after the submission of the transfer request to the registry, closes the transaction with either status 'successfully transferred' or 'failure').

You always may check the status of the domain by asking our 'Search whois' - please just enter the domain name in question.

In case you have problems or additional question, please use 'Support/Contact' to report the problem.

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