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Transfer Your Domain to eWallHost

Transfer your domain for a low cost and get free registration for 1 year.

How to transfer your domain name from any host to eWallhost?Your Domain?


Prepare Transfer

Before starting your fastest domain transfer?

  • The Domain should be unlocked from the current registrar.
  • Disable transfer lock and get the EPP code for the domain from the current registrar panel.

Order Transfer

Order a cheap domain transfer at

  • Initiate domain transfer at
  • Transfer should be initiated in eWallHost by giving the EPP code.

Verify Email

Check your Email

  • For transfer, verification emails will be sent to the old registrar, client and new registrar.
  • The email needs to be approved by all of them to initiate the Transfer.

Transfer Accepted

All done

  • Waiting for the losing registrar approval.
  • Once the losing registrar approves, the transfer will get completed.

Rs.500 Worth Of Free Services

free-dns  Free DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s equivalent form of a telephone directory. Each domain in the World Wide Web has an IP address associated with it. The job of a DNS server is to find the IP address of the website requested by the user.

While some providers charge for DNS, at eWallHost we offer premium DNS services at the cost of zero. Our highly redundant DNS servers are always at your disposal.

free-theft-protection  Free Theft Protection

Domain hijacking is a serious issue which happens when an unauthorized user transfers your domain to their own account without your knowledge. It is basically a digital theft.

To avoid this we provide a comprehensive solution to protect your domain from unauthorized users and domain hijackers.

free-email-accounts  Free Email Accounts

Why waste your money buying a separate email hosting plan, when all you need is just one or two personalized email accounts. With each domain, we offer 2 free email accounts with 100 MB of storage space.

If you need more than two personalized email account, check out our affordable email hosting plans.

free-privacy-protection  Free WHOIS Protection

When a new domain is registered the contact details like phone number and email id of the domain owner will be available in the public domain.

This details can be accessed via several free WHOIS lookup services. To protect your privacy we offer low-cost privacy protection service which can be added while purchasing the domain.

free-domain-forwarding  Free Domain Forwarding

We offer free Domain Forwarding service with every domain you purchase. So, you do not need a Web Hosting just to redirect your domain to another URL.

free-tech-support  Free Tech Support

Unlike other Hosting providers, we do not charge any Fee in the name of priority or privileged support. If you are our customer then you will get the Technical support free of cost.

Domain Transfer: FAQs

How can I transfer my domain to eWallHost?

Transferring your domain to eWallHost is a simple process. Start by initiating a transfer request from your current domain registrar. Obtain the transfer authorization code (EPP code) from your current registrar and provide it during the transfer process on our website. We'll guide you through the entire process.

How long does the domain transfer process take?

The domain transfer process usually takes around 5 to 7 days to complete. However, the timeframe may vary depending on your current domain registrar and their policies. Rest assured, our team will keep you informed about the progress of your domain transfer.

Can I transfer any type of domain to eWallHost?

Absolutely! We support the transfer of most popular domain extensions, including .com, .net, .org, .info, and many more. However, please note that some country-specific domains or specialized extensions may have specific transfer requirements. If you have any queries regarding your domain extension, feel free to contact our customer support.

Are there any restrictions on transferring recently registered domains?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on transferring recently registered domains. According to ICANN regulations, domains cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial registration or a previous transfer. You'll need to wait until this 60-day period has passed before initiating a transfer to us.

Will there be any downtime during the domain transfer process?

Typically, there is no downtime during the domain transfer process. Your website and email services should continue to function normally. However, there might be minor delays in DNS propagation, which could result in some visitors temporarily seeing your old website while others see the new one. These delays usually resolve within a few hours.

What happens to the remaining time on my domain registration when I transfer to eWallHost?

We ensure that you don't lose any time for which you have already paid. When you transfer your domain to eWallHost, we add an additional year to your domain registration, carrying over the remaining time from your current registration.

Will I lose any email accounts or settings during the domain transfer?

No, there's no need to worry about losing your email accounts or settings during the domain transfer process. Your email accounts and settings will remain intact. However, we always recommend backing up your email data before initiating the transfer, just to be on the safe side. Once the transfer is complete, you can reconfigure your email accounts in our user-friendly control panel.

Can I transfer multiple domains at once?

Absolutely! You can transfer multiple domains to eWallHost simultaneously. Simply initiate the transfer request for each domain individually, providing the necessary authorization codes. To simplify the process for multiple domains, we offer bulk domain transfer options.

What happens if my domain transfer fails?

In the unlikely event that your domain transfer fails, our dedicated customer support team will be there to assist you. We'll help you resolve any issues that may have occurred. It's essential to ensure that you have provided the correct authorization code and that your domain is eligible for transfer. If any errors or complications arise, we'll guide you through the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

How can I contact eWallHost's support for domain transfer-related queries?

Getting in touch with our customer support is easy. Simply visit our website and access the support section. We provide various contact options, including live chat, email support, and phone assistance. Our knowledgeable support team is here to address any domain transfer-related questions you may have.