Bulk Domain Transfer

Avail Benefits with Huge Domain Transfer

  • Multiple Search at a Time
  • Quick Transfer Initiation
  • Simple Transfer Process
  • Free Addons for Each Domain

bulk registration Lookup domain transfer of multiple domains in single click.

How to transfer?

Prepare Domain

Prepare Transfer

Purchase Transfer at Name.com

Order Transfer

Approve Transfer

Verify Email

Transfer Accepted

Transfer Accepted


Before starting domain transfer

   The Domain should be unlocked from the current registrar panel.

   The ID/Privacy Protection for the domain needs to be disabled.

   Get the EPP code for the domain from the current registrar panel.


Order a transfer at ewallhost.com

   Initiate domain transfer at ewallhost.com.

   Transfer should be initiated in eWallHost by giving the EPP code.


Check your Email

   Transfer verification emails for the domain needs to be approved.


All done

   Waiting for the losing registrar approval.

   Once the losing registrar approves, the transfer will get completed.

Why Get Domain Name from eWallHost?

With every Domain get INR 5000 worth free services

Free DNS

Free DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s equivalent form of a telephone directory. Each domain in the World Wide Web has an IP address associated with it. The job of a DNS server is to find the IP address of the website requested by the user.

While some providers charge for DNS, at eWallHost we offer premium DNS services at the cost of zero. Our highly redundant DNS servers are always at your disposal.

Free Theft Protection

Free Theft Protection

Domain hijacking is a serious issue which happens when an unauthorized user transfers your domain to their own account without your knowledge. It is basically a digital theft.

To avoid this we provide a comprehensive solution to protect your domain from unauthorized users and domain hijackers.

Free Email Accounts

Free Email Accounts

Why waste your money buying a separate email hosting plan, when all you need is just one or two personalized email accounts. With each domain, we offer 2 free email accounts with 100 MB of storage space.

If you need more than two personalized email account, check out our affordable email hosting plans.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

When a new domain is registered the contact details like phone number and email id of the domain owner will be available in the public domain.

This details can be accessed via several free WHOIS lookup services. To protect your privacy we offer low-cost privacy protection service which can be added while purchasing the domain.

Free Domain Forwarding

Free Domain Forwarding

We offer free Domain Forwarding service with every domain you purchase. So, you do not need a Web Hosting just to redirect your domain to another URL.

Free Tech Support

Free Tech Support

Unlike other Hosting providers, we do not charge any Fee in the name of priority or privileged support. If you are our customer then you will get the Technical support free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Domain Transfer is initiating transfer for more than one domain at a moment.

By doing so , the assigned registrar of a domain name changes to a new registrar. Once a transfer has completed, the new registrar will keep up all appropriate data in regards to the domain and the registrant. Domain names only can be moved/transferred just if domain registered with the past registrar for 60 days or more.

An Authorization Code (also called an Auth Code or EPP Code) is required when transferring domains from one registrar to another. The transfer Authorization Code made when the domain is first registered and can get it from the current Registrar for your domain.

Transfer Domains in Bulk to eWallHost Transfer Domains in Bulk to eWallHost

Would you like to transfer all of your domains and need help? Well, if you are not satisfied with your current service provider and you are frustrated because of the every year renewal and the hiking prices, visit us. We offer the best platform where one can hassle-free transfer all the domains at once that will save you a lot, including time and efforts.

We completely know why you are with us and what you expect, hence we ensure to make this process as simple as possible so that you can get on with your life and move forward with great business ahead without any pause.

With us transfer all your domains quickly and effortlessly with our bulk domain transfer and the best part is – there is nothing to worry about anything as you don’t have to be very technical. We provide the best facility, where you can transfer your domains quickly and easily to us, enjoying the full benefits that we offer with our domain management.

No matter why exactly you are transferring all the domains with us, better know all transfers include a one year extension to the term of your domain, however, you can easily migrate many domains or your whole portfolio with our Bulk Transfer Tool. With us Bulk domain transfer is very easy and for that you will need to undergo with few steps, including- prepare the domains, purchase transfer with us and accept the transfer and everything will be done automatically.

Get Technical Support and Exclusive Offers Get Technical Support and Exclusive Offers

There are lots of things we provide to our clients in domain transfer, which includes everything from cheaper renewals to 24/7 pro support, an extra year of renewal, security discounts, free WhoisGuard forever, flexible DNS for less and various others. We offer the best plans and ensure to help you to save a lot of money not only in the current year, but save every year.

Why transfer with us Why transfer with us?

Easy Panels

You don’t need to be a technical savvy at all in order to start up with the domain transfer. Just follow the steps as suggested and you will find our process is very easy to help you in moving in a right direction.

Easy Management

You better know that it is not so easy to move the domains, but with our easy management made everything easy. With the help of our ultimate and effective domain management tools you can do anything possible and without taking the help and support at all.

Great Savings

With us you will surely expect great saving as we offer the best transfer by charging minimal amount and help you to give you the best savings on your annual renewals. Or you can pay for an additional year’s renewal and everything will be done free of cost.

Need help? Our knowledgeable team will take care of all your needs and will help to give you problem-free transfers. Better know that we are your one-stop shop for all you need to build your online presence and grow your business, from domain search to transfer, website builders, hosting solutions and more. Hence must join us and grow forever.