How to create AAAA records in DNS?

In order to create AAAA Record for your domain please do the following:

  • Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to ‘My Account’ in top right side corner and click ‘Login’
  • Click ‘My Domain’ tab to see the list of domains active in your account.
  • Click ‘manage’ on the right side of domain, for which you want to add ‘AAAA’ record
  • Then click ‘Manage DNS’ tab, this will bring you to DNS Management System Interface.
  • Click ‘AAAA Record’ and then click ‘Add A New AAAA Record’.
  • There you would find 3 fields:

Host Name: Here the domain name, for which you are adding the AAAA Record for, would be pre-filled (e.g. Now, if you wish to add an AAAA Record for, then you would have to put ‘my’ in the text box. If you wish to add AAAA Record for just, then you can leave this box blank.
Destination IPv6 Address: Here you would have to enter the IPv6 IP Address of the Web Server, where you wish to host this domain name.
TTL: This is the Time To Live for this Record, in seconds. Any Server which once queries this Record will query it again after this time interval. The ideal TTL is 86400, which is 1 day. It can not be set to less than 14400, i.e., 4 hours.

  • Click the Add Record button to submit your Record.

Similarly, to Modify or Delete an AAAA Record, simply click the Record Name from the list and then click either the Modify Record or Delete Record button.

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