How to install Let’s encrypt in Direct Admin? How to install free SSL in Direct Admin?

  • Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to "Account" in top right side corner and choose "Login".
  • Click "Services" to view the hosting packages under your account.
  • From the active hosting packages listed, click view on the right side of the hosting you need to review
  • In the next page, click "Login to DirectAdmin" button to manage your hosting.
  • In Direct Admin, click "SSL Certificates" under Advanced Features.
  • Under SSL certificates, choose to Use the Server "shared signed certificate".
  • In those three options, choose "Free & automatic certificate" from Let's Encrypt.
  • Fill in the following details for certificate enrollment,

           Common Name: Enter the domain name in this field

           E-Mail: Provide the email which serves to be the admin for the SSL

           Key Size (bits): Choose the SSL key size in bits generally 4096

           Certificate Type: Choose the type as SHA256

  • The next step is to choose the Certificate Entries, which ensures "https" secured page and adds "https" in the URL.
  • After choosing the entries click Save to complete the enrollment
  • The free SSL certificate for your website will be then successfully created.

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