How to create Email Filters in DirectAdmin? How to manage them in DirectAdmin?

    • Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to ‘Account’ in top right side corner and choose ‘Login’
    • Click ‘Services’ to view the hosting packages under your account.
    • From the active hosting packages listed, click view on the right side of the hosting you need to review
    • In the next page, click ‘Login to DirectAdmin’ button to manage your hosting.
    • Click ‘SPAM Filters’ under ‘E-Mail Management’ in Direct Admin control Panel.
    • Provide various email filters to block the unwanted emails from spamming your inbox.
    • Enter a particular email address if any to block emails from that Id and then click Block to save the settings
    • Enter a domain, if you wish to block all emails from the domain and click Block to save the settings.
    • Enter a keyword, if you wish to block emails which contain that keyword and click Block to save the settings.
    • Enter a value in KB to block all emails with space larger than the given value and click Block to save the settings.
    • You can enable or disable adult filters, blocking all emails containing adult phrases or contents.
    • The blocked emails can either be dropped by choosing ‘Drop Email’ option or can be sent to spam by choosing ‘Send to Spam’ option. Finally save the settings by clicking Save button against ‘Action for filter matches’.
    •     The saved filters can be later selected and deleted as and when required.

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