How to enable two factor authentication for eWallHost account?

  1. Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to ‘Account’ in top right side corner and choose ‘Login’
  2. Under ‘Hello “Your name” ‘, click ‘Security Settings’.
  3. In security settings page, under two factor authentication click ‘Click here to enable’.
  4. A QR code appears in a new window. Either scan with the in Google authenticator app to get the code, or enter the code given manually in the space given after clicking ‘Confirm’.
  5. After entering any one of these codes, click ‘Confirm’.
  6. After confirmation, a backup code displays in the new window.
  7. Save the backup code for future use.
  8. Now you can login to eWallHost, with the login credentials and then with the random code generated by the app in your phone.
  9. If the code fails to refresh or if you do not the phone, you can then use the backup for second factor login.

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