How to create Child NameServer?

  • Sign in to your eWallhost account, go to ‘Account’ in top right side corner and click ‘Login’.
  • Click ‘My Domain’ tab to see the list of domains active in your account.
  • Click ‘manage’ on the right side of domain, for which you want to create private or child nameserver values.
  • In the next page that appears, click on the ‘Private Nameservers’ tab
  • There you would find 3 fields:

Host Name:If you wish to Add a Record for like or, then enter the Host Name as manage or www in this text box.

Full DNS Name:In this field please enter your Full DNS name.

TTL: This is the Time To Live for this Record. Any Server which once queries this Record will query it again after this time interval. The ideal TTL is 86400, which is 1 day. It can not be set to less than 14400, i.e., 4 hours.

Click Add Nameserver after adding each nameserver values. The nameservers will be added one by one to the domain. Please wait for DNS propagation for it may take up to 24 hours.

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