Domain delete/cancel grace period and Money Back grace period.

You may request delete/cancel a registered domain name within the Money Back Grace Period.  Money Back Grace Period (Anchor: mgb) is the number of days after domain name registration, during which you may delete a domain name to receive a refund.

Refund and Effect of Deletion on Other Services

  • Upon explicitly deleting a domain name, you may be entitled to a refund of the amount paid. However, you may have to bear a deletion charge (2.00 USD or equal currency) for this convenience. 
  • Deleting a domain name will immediately disable any services associated with the domain name.


  1. Any website running on this domain name would stop working.
  2. If email accounts have been configured for this domain name, then they would stop working

Money Back Grace Period of various TLDs

Domain Name ExtensionMoney Back Grace Period (Days)
.AU 1
.BIZ 4
.BZ 4
.CA 0
.CC 4
.CN 4
.CO 0
.COM 4
.DE 0
.ES 0
.EU 0
.IN 4
.ME 1
.MN 4
.NET 4
.NL 0
.NZ 0
.ORG 4
.PRO 4
.PW 4
.RU 0
.SC 4
.SX 0
.TEL 4
.TV 4
.UK 0
.US 4
.VC 4
.WS 4
.XXX 4
CentralNic Domains 4
Donuts Domains

  • The above Money Back Grace Periods are applicable if you are registering your domain name now.
  • If you had registered your domain name previously, these values may have changed since. Contact our Support Team at to confirm the Money Back Period for your domain name
  • Domain names under the following TLDs (extensions) can not be deleted, since they do not have a Money Back Period:











If you still wish to have such a domain name (except .CA domain name) deleted without refund, you need to get in touch with us at and request the same.
To request deletion of a .AU domain name, we require the Registrant of the domain name to request deletion.

  • A domain name deleted in the Money Back Period does not slip into Redemption Grace Period and is immediately available for registration.

You will not request delete domain in case the domain name is locked/suspended at the Registry.

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