How to create or edit sub domain for domain in Direct Admin?

  • Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to ‘Account’ in top right side corner and choose ‘Login’
  • Click ‘Services’ to view the hosting packages under your account.
  • From the active hosting packages listed, click view on the right side of the hosting you need to review
  • In the next page, click ‘Login to DirectAdmin’ button to manage your hosting.
  • Click ‘SubDomain Management’ under ‘Your Account’ in DirectAdmin.
  • Enter the sub domain name under ‘Add Sub-Domain’ which appears as sub.domain.tld and click Create button to create a new sub domain for the domain.
  • The created sub domain appears in the list above.
  • To delete a sub domain, select the sub domain names by clicking the check box against it and click Delete Selected button. 

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