How to edit SOA records in DNS?

    • Sign in to your eWallHost account, go to ‘My Account’ in top right side corner and click ‘Login’.
    • Click ‘My Domain’ tab to see the list of domains active in your account.
    • Click ‘manage’ on the right side of domain, for which you want to edit SOA record.
    • Then click ‘Manage DNS’ tab, this will bring you to DNS Management System Interface.
    • Click SOA Parameters and in the next screen, click Edit Button.
    • There you would find 5 editable fields:
      Responsible Person: The email address of the person responsible for maintenance of the Zone.
      Refresh: The Refresh Interval indicates how often Secondary Name Servers should check if changes are made to the Zone. You can decide your own value for this Interval. Value should not be less than 7200, i.e., 2 hours.
      Retry: The Retry Interval indicates how often the Secondary Name Servers should retry checking, if changes are made - if the first refresh fails. Value should not be less than 7200, i.e., 2 hours.
      Expire: The Retry Interval indicates how long the Zone will be valid after a refresh. Secondary Servers will discard the Zone, if no refresh could be made within this interval. Value should not be less than 172800, i.e., 48 hours.
      TTL: This is the Time To Live for this Record. Any Server which once queries this Record will query it again after this time interval. The ideal TTL is 86400, which is 1 day. It cannot be set to less than 14400, i.e., 4 hours.

            Apart from these, the SOA Record also includes a parameter Serial. This is a number that is automatically generated by our Servers. All Secondary Name Servers cache the Serial Number in the SOA Record, such that when a Serial Numbe change is detected by Secondary DNS Servers, it updates its Records with the changes. This number is automatically increased by our Servers when changes to the Zone or its Records are made.

  • Click the Modify Record button to submit your changes.

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