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  • Virtual Business Identity
  • Simplified Order Management
  • Easy Payment Integration
  • Trouble Free Maintenance
Domain: 1
Disk Space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Email Accounts: 5
eProfessional SD
Domain: 1
Disk Space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
MySQL DB: 10
Email Accounts: 10
ePremium SD
Domain: 1
Disk Space: 25 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
MySQL DB: Unlimited
Email Accounts: Unlimited
eMax SD
Domain: 1
Disk Space: 100 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
MySQL DB: Unlimited
Email Accounts: Unlimited

Main Features


Easy Content Management

Built in tools helps to update products and details. Cart and inventory management is much simpler on e-commerce tools. Any coupons, offer and other benefits can be easily deployed.

Web Analytics

Our tools are integrated with Google analytics which gives a clear picture of site hits and conversion. Using which the site sources of conversions can be analyzed for improving business performance.

1-click installer

SEO Rich

SEO management comes along with the e-commerce tool, thus making digital marketing convenient.

Payment Integration

Integrates well with popular payment gateways which guarantee customer's trust.


About e-Commerce Hosting About e-Commerce Hosting

Developing an ecommerce portal? Then you must look out for the best ecommerce hosting packages can help you in launching your portal as well as you can expect to make it live 24/7 and entertain great traffic.

With the help of the ecommerce websites one can expect displaying the products via an online catalogue that you can organize by category, so they’re easy for customers to browse and purchase the best items.

Features and Benefits of Our e-Commerce Plans Features and Benefits of Our e-Commerce Plans

With our e-commerce website, get a speedy connection as well as have a great strength where your potential customer will be able to stay on the site for a long run and easily access to one page to another. Our ecommerce hosting plans will give you everything you are looking for and selling online will be easier and fun than ever you had.

An e-commerce web hosting is all about a system wherein the owners will get online space and tools, so that they can run its retail store online. It differs from a simple web hosting as there are few or more things are added to the same, including- SSL certificate, shopping cart, great speed, handling maximum amount of traffic, database support, payment gateways and other ecommerce security requisites.

If you would like to give your ecommerce site a boost, you better pick us for getting the best solutions and your portal will be closer to your visitors, lowering latency and increasing the performance of your site. This will help you to earn more and more and trust on us as your A-Z needs will be fulfilled by us. With us, not only will you get the speed benefits of hosting, even you will get a platform fine tuned for performance.

Do you want that your potential customers or traffic experience the best? With our plans you can improve the performance of your site, get your pages loaded very faster compared to other hosting service providers and have ultimate peace and happiness.

Talk to Us e-Commerce Guidance Talk to Us e-Commerce Guidance

Also, if you are you not quite sure which of our services will best fit the needs of your ecommerce site, you must talk to our customer support and they will guide you by understanding your complete requirements along with the budget. With our hosting packages for your ecommerce website, you can expect following advantages, as follows-

High availability High availability

When you are running an e-site for selling particular and various items, you should ensure your portal must be available or live all the time just because NO availability and you will lose a lot of clients and sales. Our efficient e-commerce hosting service will ensure high availability of your website, without any downtime.

Secure your customers’ transactions Secure your customers’ transactions

We will also help you to secure your customer’s all the transactions by offering authentic SSL certificates, which is the best to safeguard your crucial customer data during transit. Better know that a website with HTTPS always gives customers a feeling of trust and thus, a peaceful state of mind while making purchase.

Also, don’t forget that our plans will offer great hosting experience as there is nothing much to do, get ease of shopping cart and everything you can expect to get at fair prices.

Why Choose eCommerce Hosting why

first point

Easy creation of online shopping site with user-friendly GUI.

second point

Full-time online business management from anywhere possible.

third point

Secured shopping solutions to incur Trust to your Business.

fourth point

Get full fledged hosting experience with no technical knowledge.