NGINX Hosting

NGINX Server Handles Static Contents Effectively

  • Static Pages Load Faster
  • Light-Weight Web Server
  • Balances Heavy Website Loads
  • Free Data Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate

- Lets Encrypt available for free until offer available

Starts @ $1.07/month
33% off
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site builder Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder- Demo

1 Domain
1 GB Disk Space
Unlimited  Bandwidth
5  Email Accounts
eProfessional SD
1  Domains
10 GB  Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
10  MySQL DB
10 Email Accounts
ePremium SD
1  Domain
25 GB  Disk Space
Unlimited  Bandwidth
Unlimited  MySQL DB
Unlimited  Email Accounts
eMax SD
1  Domains
100GB Disk Space
Unlimited  Bandwidth
Unlimited  MySQL DB
Unlimited  Email Accounts

Hosting Main Features

Fast Server

High Speed Server

Website loads faster even with the static contents intact. Concurrent connections are handled more efficiently.

NGINX Server

NGINX server is well known as an efficient and light weight web server. NGINX optimizes traffic, improves security and scalability for high traffic websites.

NGINX server
Website builder

Free Website Builder

Easy to create, edit & maintain your website without any coding experience using our exclusive website builder. DEMO

Free One Click Installer

Hassle Free Installation of all Web Applications with a single click in just a few seconds, bundled up with your favorite scripts and Tools.

1-click installer

Affordable Hosting Affordable Hosting

Everyone wants to initiate their business and establish their business in a very broad manner. Then the web hosting is the best business that provides success as well as lots of money to a person who is doing the business. Web hosting business is available at a very affordable price; a person can start this business with a small investment.

Mainly, people must know the developing of the website as well as managing the website, and then only they can become successful in establishing their own business. There are many companies that are offering the best hosting plans, so you should have to look for the plan as per your requirement.

About NGINX Single Domain Hosting About NGINX Single Domain Hosting

If you are also looking for the hosting plan, then you can contact us, we are offering the best hosting plans that have all the features and services which are required to host the website. You can choose whether you want to buy a single domain hosting plan or multiple domains hosting plans, it will help you to get the right plan within your budget. You can check Nginx single domain hosting plans, it allows the user to host a single website in an effective way.

There are many Nginx hosting plans available, you can choose them. If you have any doubt or confusion then you can contact us, our team is always available to assist the customers because we know the importance of hosting plans.

Unlimited NGINX Plan Unlimited NGINX Plan

The hosting plans include unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and databases. That means web hosting is a complete plan that provides various services to their client or the people who are using it. As there are many different hosting plans available, you can choose the cheap hosting plan, if you have less budget. Our hosting plans are completed and you will get unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth and the databases or for the email accounts.

Web hosting is the best way for the people to initiate their own business by developing the website as well as managing the multiple websites. The hosting plans also contain the database and the email accounts, through which a person can easily manage the website as well as store the information and details in the database. Therefore, the hosting plans provided by us have unlimited disk space to store the essential data related to the business.

Need Help to Purchase NGINX Hosting Need Help to Purchase NGINX Hosting

If you want to be online, but unable to choose the plan, we are here to help you. With our hosting plans, you will get online easily and it is one of the best ways to achieve success in the business. If you have any concern about the hosting plan or facing any technical issue, you can contact our customer support executives. We try to resolve all the issues in less time, so your work will won't get affected. You can check and compare hosting plans with other hosting plans, it will help you to choose the right one through which you can easily host your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared hosting is where multiple websites are hosted on a single server.

In other words, multiple users having their unique domain names host their website in a shared environment. Shared hosting proves to be cost effective for startup business and bloggers.

DirectAdmin is web hosting control panel software, similar to cPanel, that lets you manage your web site and hosting options using a graphical, web-based interface. You can manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. using a DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin automates tasks so that web servers can be easily shared and give web site owners a way to quickly set-up and manage web sites.

Nginx is better and secure than Apache and ideal for high traffic websites because it doesn't need to spawn new processes or threads for each request like Apache does. Thus Nginx can do the same work with less memory as it is utilizing in a very optimized way. Nginx comes only with core features that required for a web server; it is lightweight when compared to Apache.

Why Choose DirectAdmin Hosting why


Web hosting environments are constantly evolving. DirectAdmin stays in-step with today's most sophisticated solutions.


DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel.


DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available.


DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes.


We offer high-quality support, getting you the answers you need.