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Fortify Your Data with Our Secure Cloud Storage Services

Seamlessly Store, Share, Collaborate, and Secure Your Data with Cloud File Storage.


Flexible Cloud Storage for Your Data

Have you ever thought that data holds immense importance in our daily lives? Whether it’s cherished memories, important documents, or creative projects, every piece of data has a certain kind of emotion about your business, so making it safe is our priority, but do you think this is possible? That is where best Cloud Storage Services come in as a rescuer to make your data secure and easily accessible.

At eWallHost Cloud Storage services, we prioritize the security and availability of your data using our encrypted protocols, which make sure that all your files are safe from theft and easily accessible. However, we understand that not everyone has the same storage needs; some users have different expectations. That's why we offer flexible Cloud Storage plans to meet your exact requirements and make your storage experience cloud-based.

Why Choose Cloud Storage?



Cloud Storage ensures that your specific needs are met. Your theme can be customized here to match your business identity, your own authentication system, and other apps when needed..


Quick Configuration

The configuration for Cloud Storage can be done either by app or web. For synchronization, if you have a folder, from your end itself, you can automatically synchronize your file from your device to Cloud Storage.



Where Cloud Storage has a RAID-based storage backend and an automatic backup system, you can rest assured that all your databases and storage will be backed up several times to prevent data loss.


Technical Support

Our friendly technical support team will be there around the clock to assist with every process, so you don’t feel stocked in the middle. With your knowledge, they can also install the latest updates.


Flexible Access

The Cloud Storage services we offer is extremely user-friendly; it allow you to connect via HTTPS to the Nextcloud apps for iOS and Android, or the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.



Data loss is unlikely to occur when you upgrade or downgrade your storage plan. So, you don’t have to spend what you didn’t use, and at the same time, you can upgrade to seamless storage.



In Cloud Storage, you will have access to unlimited users, and you can also create groups that replicate perfect collaboration. You can share or edit your documents with other users or with your team.



Choosing cloud file storage from eWallHost will ensure continuous uploading and downloading of all your data. This means that you can access your files even during peak traffic hours.


Data Protection

This Cloud Storage is hosted in the Falkenstein, Germany, data center, under the EU's data protection regulations (GDPR). You can also generate a data processing agreement (DPA) that complies with Article 28 of the GDPR on KonsoleH.

Comparison Of Storage Box vs Storage Share

  Storage Box Storage Share
Purpose Storage box designed for backup of large files Storage Share is a file sharing service based on Next Cloud.
Use cases Shared files Backup Share store and collaborate
Shared systems
Protocols FTP, SFTP, SMB, Rsync, Borg, WebDAV WebDAV
Web interface
SSH login Interactive access is possible via port 23, not port 22.
Up- and Downgrade
Collaborative work / Groupware
File sharing
Additional functions (App store)
RAID-based system
Local mount
Additional users
User backend

Frequently Asked Questions: Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

It is a type of computer data storage where digital data is stored on a server in off-site locations. Cloud Storage enables any business to store, access, and maintain data. Cloud Storage Services takes responsibility for hosting, managing, and securing the data stored in the infrastructure. In addition, the provider ensures that the data is visible and accessible via a public or private Internet connection.

How does Cloud Storage work?

It uses remote servers to store data such as files, videos, images, etc. When users upload their data through an internet connection, it will be stored on a virtual machine on a physical server. The Cloud Storage provider will create a new virtual server to meet the demand for growing storage needs. This allows users to access files anytime and anywhere.

Why should I use eWallHost as a Cloud Storage service?

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, eWallHost guarantees a secure data storage solution. So, you can store, share, and edit your entire data without worrying about security or costs. Our experienced technical team is here to handle all your queries and ensure that you get the most secure and satisfactory Cloud Storage services.

What are the advantages of Cloud Storage?

Some of the advantages of Cloud Storage are that you can access your files from anywhere with a continuous internet connection, and it acts as a backup solution for your local storage on physical drives. If you are buying these best Cloud Storage Services for your business, it is ideal to collaborate on documents and files. In addition, it is highly scalable, allowing you to expand or reduce data according to your needs.

How much storage space is available in the cloud?

eWallHost Cloud Storage will offer you 1 TB of storage; if you need more storage, you can pay extra and enjoy hassle-free storage.

What are the different protocols that can be used to access a storage box?

Protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, and RSYNC will allow you to access and manage your storage box. In addition, you can easily integrate them into your own file system through WebDAV or Samba.